Easy to Use

Just provide weight, tire width, bike type and your recommended tire pressure shows up in each tire.


Weight input supported in imperial pounds, kilograms and stones. Pressure is computed in PSI or Bar.

Comfort with Performance

Tire pressure is calculated based on the 15% drop method, which gives the most tire cushion without increasing tire resistance.

Optimize your tire pressure

Ride PSI calculates the optimal tire pressure for front and back tire individually.

Less stress on hands, arms and shoulders

The lower front tire pressure absorbs the road better.

Better cornering

With the 15% drop the tires roll better through corners.

Safer ride

Too hard pumped tires lose traction easier on slick or wet surfaces.

Less flats

With the right tire pressure there is less chance of pinch flats.

Works on all devices

Ride PSI works on desktop, laptop, tablet and phone.
  • Ride PSI is very neat and feels very polished. Nice work!
    John B
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    Beppe S


Pumps & Gauges


Ride PSI's tire pressure calculations are using the 15% drop method. The tire drop is the amount a tire depresses under load. The idea is that when a tire depresses more the resistances increases and when it depresses less the comfort (suspension) suffers. For support or questions, please contact us at contact.ridepsi at gmail.com