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Calculate the tire pressure with our IOS or Android app. Use offline and launch directly from your device's Home screen.


Calculate the pressure of your front and rear tire for road use.

Configure Settings

For the first-time usage of the app, set your default settings, such as weight units, on the Settings page.

Determine weight of bike and rider

Determine the weight of your bike and yourself, including the weight of filled water bottles, clothes you wear, and other items you bring along the bicycle.

Set tire width

Then select the tire width of your tires. It will typically be marked on the sidewall of the tire. Alternatively, you can measure it with a caliper or a metric tape measure.

Pick bike setup

Now choose your bike setup; this determines the load distribution between the front and back wheels. (Race 40%/60%, City 35%/65%, Randonneur 45%/55% and 50/50 at 50%/50%)

Get tire pressure

You can now find the recommended tire pressure for each wheel displayed in the front and back wheel of the cyclist. Ensure to not exceed the minimum and maximum tire pressure provided by the tire and rim manufacturer. For the tire, this is typically marked on the sidewall of the tire. For the rim, consult your bike/rim manual. The calculated pressure is based on the 15% drop method, which is supposed to provide the best comfort without sacrificing performance for riding on a smooth road surface.

Note that tire pressure and ride experience will always be subjective. Feel free to tweak it to your liking.


Version Info

Version: 3.0.0


Ride PSI's tire pressure calculations are based on the 15% drop method. The tire drop is the amount a tire depresses under load. The idea is that when a tire depresses more the resistances increases and when it depresses less the comfort (suspension) suffers. Research has shown that the optimal drop (for road riding) is 15%.

Starting with Ride PSI version 3, we increased the number of supported tire widths from 6 to 33. We used mathemetical fit-curves to derive the tire pressure calculations for a range of 20mm-52mm tire widths from the original(23, 25, 28, 32, and 37 mm) tire widths. See resources below.


The Ride PSI developer is Henry van den Broek. Henry is a cycloholic. He lives in the hills of the Pioneer Valley in Massachusetts and loves to ride long distance (randonneuring), club / coffee rides. He also like to race up mountains and do cyclocross races.


For support, questions or feedback you can reach me at

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The Ride PSI application does not collect, handle or process personal data.
    On the device (but only on the device) we store:
  • Your settings: measurement and pressure units
  • Your last input of: weight, tire width and bike type

These settings/inputs are also reflected in the address bar and title of the application.

You can choose to share your settings/input with the Share button, which will copy the above 5 items listed and resulting tire pressure recommendations to the clipboard.

Ride PSI

Application support

Do not exceed your tire manufacturer's minimum and maximum tire pressure recommendations.